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5G: A testbed for the future

16 Nov 2018
Professor Mohammed Patwary explains how 5G will impact the future and open up new avenues for business large and small. 
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Birmingham – The City of 1000 Trades

25 Sep 2018
This blog is authored by Christopher Hay, Senior Metal Technician, STEAMhouse.
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Magnesium: Its rise and forecasted reign in manufacturing

24 Sep 2018
By Makhan Singh, Business Development Manager for the Institute of Sustainable Futures at Birmingham City University 
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Shaping the future of our region's workforce

21 Aug 2018
Jo Birch, Director of Innovation and Employability of Birmingham City University discusses the importance of getting regional businesses the skills needed for their future workforce.
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How to Find the Right Skills for Your Business

20 Aug 2018
Graduate Talent Consultant, Warren Chughtai discusses the challenges businesses face when looking to introduce new skills into their operations, and how companies are not capitalising on the free resources available to them.
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STEAMhouse launches into action!

20 Jun 2018
As a result of a collaboration between Birmingham City University and Eastside Projects, £3.5m and two years of hard work, STEAMhouse was finally able to officially open its doors on the bright and sunny afternoon of 24th May.
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How Universities can help SMEs to innovate

19 Jun 2018
SMEs are the lifeblood of the UK economy, with the SMEs in the UK’s top cities set to contribute £241 billion to our economy by 2025,and with the ability to make such a significant contribution, it’s important that they are supported to…
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Bridging the Skills Gap in Modern Manufacturing

21 May 2018
Could a skills matching service be part of the solution the engineering and manufacturing industries need to solve the skills gap challenge? 
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Ask the Experts: GDPR Compliance

16 May 2018
In this blog, Birmingham City University marketing and legal academics answer SME’s burning GDPR questions.
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Five simple steps to GDPR compliance

2 May 2018
It’s now just weeks until GDPR comes into force but only a quarter of businesses ( had, until recently, actually started preparing. If you haven’t, don’t worry - the steps in this blog will help get things kicked off.
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STEAMhouse Expert Interview: Embracing Digital for SMEs

1 May 2018
In case you missed it, STEAMhouse is brought to you by Birmingham City University and it’s much more than a makerspace. At STEAMhouse, you’ll find a melting pot of technology, workspace and business support where your ideas meet our…
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Midlands Region Records Strongest Growth in Britain

14 Mar 2017
According to the latest Lloyds Bank regional PMI for February released monday
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Trump’s election, What does it mean for the UK?

9 Nov 2016
In considering today’s momentous event, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, I am reminded of the phenomenon known as a ‘black swan event’.
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Is Apple’s allure waning

29 Jan 2016
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SMEs: Why recruit a graduate?

As a growing SME, finding the right talent to expand your team can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks you face. In this blog piece, Jo Howell, Head of Careers and Employability at Birmingham City University draws light on the…
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