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Funding for business is a key process many businesses will require. It is a vital source not only for start ups but also businesses looking to expand in an ever changing economy. 

Businesses today have a vast range of funding options to choose from and many different formats you can gain grants through. Below are a range of tools and links to help you choose the correct grant and funding opportunities to best suit your business.  

GOV.UK - Find government backed support and finance for your business, including many things such as grants, finance and loans, business support – mentoring/consultancy, funding for SMEs and start ups. This is all done through a customisable search

Crowd Funder - Another popular funding option which allows individuals to take great business ideas forward and make them a reality with the power of the crowd. How does crowd funder work?

  • Public give money for the business idea if it’s good enough
  • Project owners who own the actual business ideas can then reward the public who backed their idea with rewards
  • These rewards can be in form of products, services and experiences that are produced by the project owner.

Crowd Cube – The world’s leading investment crowdfunding platform. We enable anyone to invest alongside professional investors in start-up, early stage and growth businesses through equity, debt and investment fund options. Join the 200,000-strong crowd looking for more interesting investments - it’s free, quick and has no obligations. 

Alternative Business Funding - provide a free and easy way for SMEs to find a vast array of funding choices. They are focused on making it simple for time-constrained business-owners to find the right sources of finance, with only a few simple questions required to use the site. 

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