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By partnering with Birmingham City University, you could save time, money and effort when it comes to recruitment with our free, specialist employment service.

We work with thousands of businesses, helping deliver students and graduates that have the fresh thinking, innovative skills and work-ready education to make a positive, and instant, contribution.

What are the benefits to my business? 

  • A student or graduate from our university will provide up-to-date, business-relevant skills
  • They could be hired on a long-term or short-term basis to suit your individual business needs
  • You will be partnering with a university that prides itself on ensuring their students stand out in the employment crowd, and have helped thousands of businesses achieve their objectives.

We will help you find the right students or graduates to fulfil your recruitment needs without the costly fees you may encounter from recruitment companies.

The details:

You control the selection process. We simply promote your role to our students and graduates or, take care of the whole recruitment process for you as required: from vacancy promotion, providing a shortlist of candidates, to providing a venue for interviews.

Normal employer/employee contractual obligations are met as in any standard employment scenario.

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.