Employ Students and Graduates

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Birmingham City University’s graduate and student employment programme has a proud heritage and continues to be a proud offering of our business services package. We will work with you to identify students and graduates with skills and acumen relevant to your business expertise. Our graduate and student employment programme could help you achieve your business goals.

How will my business benefit from employing Birmingham City University students?

  • Access students/graduates with work-ready business skills
  • Explore fresh perspectives to drive innovation and growth
  • Flexible employment terms
  • Tap into a supportive partnership with Birmingham City University

What would a student or graduate bring to my business?

The role of our students and graduates within the business environment is to focus on identifying areas where your business can grow through product or service innovation. Once these key areas are identified, you can then leverage university knowledge through your new student/graduate employee to drive growth and business innovation.

We understand that some products and services take longer to bring to fruition than others and because of this, we can match the term of employment of students and graduates to suit your business needs. Throughout their time with you, whether long or short-term, you'll be partnering with a university that ensures its students stand out in the employment crowd.

If you would like to find out more about accessing students and graduates...

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.