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Our students have the industry knowledge and skills that will help drive your business or organisation forward.

Are you looking for new team members with aptitude and ability, as well as forward-thinking skills? Birmingham City University has helped thousands of businesses by providing knowledgeable, talented students who are eager to put their skills into practice and help businesses reach their objectives.

Benefits to your business

  • We will help you find the right student to fulfil your needs, without the costly fees you may encounter from recruitment opportunities
  • By joining forces with us, you will reduce the timely process of recruiting a work-ready team member with fresh ideas and concepts
  • You can move your project or business forward with a student whose studies directly inform and influence your work
  • You will be partnering with a university that prides itself on ensuring our students stand out in the employment crowd, and have helped thousands of businesses achieve their objectives
  • The placement could lead to permanent employment, benefiting both the student and your company in the long-term.

How does a placement work?

Our students will come to your business bringing with them the skills and knowledge they are learning on their course, as part of an assessed part of their academic work. The tasks undertaken will often relate directly to their programme of study.

How long does a placement last?

A placement can last any time up to twelve months depending on course requirements, meaning they are ideal for both short-term and long-term projects. These placements are typically taken by our undergraduate students in the penultimate year of their programme.  

Shorter placement and project work

For a number of our students, shorter placements and project work may be negotiated, either as part of group work or on an individual basis.

What is an internship?

Our students will work with you and apply their skills and knowledge for an agreed period of time, usually between four weeks and twelve months. Internships are generally taken by students at any level of study, in vacation time or part-time during the academic year. Internships also offer you opportunities to find the right student to consider employing on a permanent basis, cutting out time-consuming searches for the right candidate.

To discover more about how our students and graduates could provide your business or organisation with future talent:

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