Graduate+ Award Scheme

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Graduate+ is a Birmingham City University awards programme that turns high-calibre students into work-ready graduates. The three-year voluntary programme is available to students across all study and provides a unique platform where they can develop professional and personal skills with the main focus being upon employability. 

Students work towards an increased level of achievement throughout their time at Birmingham City University and the Graduate+ Scheme is awarded in levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold to establish and recognise their voluntary achievements. At the end of the Graduate+ programme, the students have developed practical skills and have demonstrated their professional skillset and academic talent – something that will benefit all sectors and all sized businesses.

What additional skills would a graduate with a gold level Graduate+ award bring to my business?

Students who have achieved a gold level Graduate+ award have demonstrated:

  • They are highly professional with work-ready skills
  • They are enterprising, solution-focused and problem solvers
  • They are team focused with a collaborative outlook and strong communication skills
  • They possess excellent leadership skills and have demonstrated the ability to use their initiative
  • They have demonstrated good planning and organisational skills
  • They have a wider understanding of the business world and are aware of current economic, societal and environmental news/concerns
  • They value and respect diversity

Do you want certified, work-ready talent to fill your graduate or student roles?

We can help you discover more about Birmingham City University’s Graduate+ award programme. It's a great resource if your organisation is looking for a student or graduate to fill:

  • A placement
  • An internship
  • An employment opportunity

*Graduate+ launched at Birmingham City University in 2016. The first Gold Level Graduates will be available for employment in 2019. Bronze and Silver level students will be available for internships, placements and part funded projects from 2017 and 2018 respectfully.

Find out more about Graduate+ here

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