Internships and Placements

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Birmingham City University can place new team members with aptitude, ability and forward-thinking skills within your business to help you achieve your growth objectives.

Why work with BCU to find a placement/internship student?

  • We will help you find the right student to fulfil your business needs
  • Save time and money throughout the recruitment process
  • Our student will move your designated project forward, as we assign students studying in fields that directly inform and influence your business's area of work.
  • Many business participants have gone on to hire our student placements on a full time basis – who better to assist in driving growth than a graduate who already knows your business inside and out?

How does a student placement work?

Our students are chosen to suit your business needs as we assign students that are studying in fields that directly inform and influence your business's area of work; this allows students to bring the skills and knowledge learnt throughout their studies to benefit your business.

Students placements form part of their academic work assessment and the tasks they undertake should and will often relate directly to their programme of study.

How long does a student placement last?

A placement can last any time up to a year, depending on course requirements. This makes internships and placements ideal for both short-term and long-term projects. Often, it's undergraduates in their programme's penultimate year of study who go out on placements.

For some of our students you can negotiate shorter placements and project work. You can leverage their skills either as part of group work or on an individual basis.

Find out more about how our students and graduates could provide your business with future talent:

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.