Institute for Sustainable Futures

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Institute for Sustainable Futures

With analysts predicting that the global population will hit 9.7 billion people by 2050, there will be strain on efforts to reduce poverty, inequality and hunger.
The Institute for Sustainable Futures (iSF) has launched Project 2065. Accounting for agricultural production, energy consumption, environmental impact and other variables will be key if we are to sustain social health and well-being. We will need leaders and highly skilled problem-solvers who can think broadly and boldly.

Project 2065 aims to build a future pipeline of sustainable futures leaders delivering experiential learning to empower undergraduates. Innovative learning will be paired with the creation of quality research to embrace the science, philosophy and ethos of sustainable futures. The iSF will raise awareness and drive business engagement, building sustainable relationships with local, national and international partners to enrich our academic research and experience.

Technology has the potential to increase the social, economic and environmental sustainability of cities across the world.

Key areas include:

  • Data

  • Sensor technology

  • Energy

  • Cyber security

  • Smart cities

  • Connectivity

  • Health

  • Bioenergy

  • Zero/low carbon modern built environment

  • Arts and design

The iSF can assist businesses by creating knowledge collaboratively in order to deliver pioneering and bespoke outcomes. We value integrity in our relationships and empower all partners to build capacity and create change. The delivery of excellence, in innovative education and research, is central.

Professional Development and Support
The University has 1,200 students studying undergraduate degrees linked to iSF disciplines including Architectural Technology, Quantity Surveying, Planning, Environment and Development and Real Estate. There is a shared context of design, production, delivery and subsequent management of everything that constitutes the built environment. Birmingham City University is recognised internationally for the high quality of its teaching, research and extensive industry partnerships and is established as one of the leading universities for Microsoft, Academy Cube and Cisco Systems.
Consultation and Business Engagement
Our academics undertake to market research often resulting in commercial activity. We offer a bespoke consultancy service based around our areas of expertise within the area of Sustainable Futures

Strategic Partners
The iSF enjoys close links with businesses, members of the UK Catapult programme, partner universities and Centres of Excellence for collaborative work, knowledge sharing and delivery. Existing partnerships with SMEs and large corporates include: Cisco; SAP; SAAS; Microsoft; Apple; Schneider; Birmingham City Council; IMB; Arup; Rolls-Royce; PTC; Technosoft Adaptive Modelling; NEC; BT; Dell; Aston Martin; and Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

The Institute has a track record of working with more than 4,000 companies undertaking close-to-market research and project work focusing on sensor technology, bioenergy, low carbon, transportation, intelligent buildings and supply chain logistics. Through a range of products, services and facilities supported by more than 300 staff – and underpinned by vigorous research activities – the iSF’s work within the sustainable futures arena has gained a reputation as a hub of knowledge, technology and skills-transfer into industry within region.

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