Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

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A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Birmingham City University is a business development collaboration between a company, a graduate, our academic expertise and a business development grant from Innovate UK. The purpose of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership is to drive business innovation and help UK companies achieve growth.

How will a Knowledge Transfer Partnership benefit your business?

  • Gain additional resource to define the KTP project strategy and deliver project objectives
  • Access knowledge from Birmingham City University’s academic experts, business specialists and researchers
  • Receive a highly skilled graduate, who will act as an employee of your organisation developing and delivering project success
  • Cover up to 67% of your KTP graduate costs with a business development grant from Innovate UK

How does a Knowledge Transfer Partnership work?

Birmingham City University will employ a recently qualified graduate, known as a KTP Associate, to work within your organisation (managed by a supervisor at your firm) for the duration of the KTP project. The KTP Associate will bring new skills, knowledge and working methods to your team, drive the KTP business growth strategy and manage the project to successful completion.

An academic project team from Birmingham City University will mentor and guide the KTP Associate while sharing knowledge, research and expertise to ensure your project achieves the desired objectives.

How long does a Knowledge Transfer Partnership last?

A typical KTP partnership lasts between 12 and 36 months. The length of your KTP will depend on your project requirements and business needs.

Will my KTP receive funding?

Your KTP will be part-funded by Innovate UK and the Research Councils. Birmingham City University will help you secure your KTP funding.

  • If you are an SME you will receive funding for up to 67% of KTP project costs
  • If you are a larger organisation, your funding will cover 50% of KTP project costs

To discover how a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Birmingham City University can drive innovation and success for your business:

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