Industry & Academic Partnerships

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If you’re a business or organisation of any size within the private, public or third sectors, based locally, nationally or internationally and would like to access academic expertise and specialist knowledge to drive your business idea or project forward, an Industry & Academic Partnership with Birmingham City University could help you achieve the results you need. 

Innovation Institutes

With the wealth of expertise and specialist knowledge across the four faculties of Birmingham City University you may not know which faculty, school or academics to approach to initiate your collaboration. That’s why we have created our three Innovation Institutes, to listen to your requirements and build the team of academic experts and specialists needed to deliver on your business or project objectives.

Let us know about your partnership idea

To initiate your partnership, please identify the Innovation Institute below that works within your space, and send your initial enquiry. A member of the Innovation Institute team will then get in touch to discover more about how we can help.

Institute for Sustainable Futures (iSF)

ISFISF focuses Birmingham City University’s expertise on projects that support the challenges and requirements of businesses and organisations that are interested in researching and developing sustainable methods, behaviours and activities.  Key areas of focus for iSF partnerships are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Digital

Enquire about a partnership with Institute for Sustainable Futures

Institute for Creative Innovation (iCI)

ICIICI aligns Birmingham City University’s academic expertise with the demands of the creative industries and establishes collaborative partnerships with businesses and organisations looking to use creative approaches and design led thinking to maximise business innovation or project success. Key areas of focus for iCI partnerships are:

  • Design led thinking

Enquire about a partnership with Institute for Creative Innovation

Institute for Health & Quality of Life (iHQL)

IHQLIHQL creates opportunities for Birmingham City University’s interdisciplinary expertise to drive research and development for businesses and organisations looking to progress ideas and drive innovation within the areas of health, wellbeing and quality of life. Key areas of focus for iHQL partnerships are:

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Public service reform – Mental Health & Crimminal Justice

Enquire about a partnership with Institute for Health & Quality of Life

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.