Small Business Taskforce creates wish list to ‘strike a chord at the heart of government’

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The group has published a list of 10 policy suggestions which aim to “offer insight into the needs of smaller companies”

The UK’s Small Business Taskforce has published a 10-point wish list of measures it hopes the government will introduce this year to aid small firms and start-ups.

The group, which was created to combat the fear that the “entrepreneurial environment” for smaller enterprises was disappearing following the Brexit vote, is hoping the suggestions will “‘strike a chord at the heart of government”.

The 10 suggestions are:

  1. An introduction of Export Vouchers
  2. An extension of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
  3. Exemptions to HM Revenue & Customs’ Making Tax Digital initiative
  4. An inclusion of small businesses in corporate supply chains:
  5. Confirmation of long-term residence rights of EU citizens currently working in the UK
  6. A review of Universal Credit
  7. A review of pensions and retirement security for the self-employed
  8. A clarification on business support: A percentage of business support programmes have been underpinned by EU funds. The Small Business Taskforce would like to see a review of funding available for this and proposed expenditure plans
  9. Consultation with small business into making tax fairer and simpler for the self-employed, and to reflect the substantial contribution small businesses make to British economic prosperity in domestic policy and trade deals
  10. A more positive portrayal of the role of small businesses and the self-employed

Members of the Small Business Taskforce include Enterprise Nation, Social Enterprise UK and Centre for Entrepreneurs.

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation and group spokesperson, said:

“We know that government plays an important role in creating the right culture and environment for small businesses to flourish. There are 5.3 million businesses in the UK and around 99% of them are small businesses. Acknowledging their important contribution and listening to their concerns will be critical in 2017.”#

Source: Shane Donnelly -

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