Big Data Corridor

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Does your SME want to take advantage of the benefits of Big Data, but you’re not sure where to start? Big Data Corridor is a 3 year initiative assisting SMEs in the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP  to better understand data and harness the benefits of data driven innovation.

If you are looking to get to grips with data within your organisation, the Big Data Corridor programme is perfect for you. We’re proud to offer you a unique opportunity to exploit the benefits of growth through Big Data and become a part of the £241 billion growth Tech UK is predicting by 2020.

How will Big Data Corridor benefit my SME?

  • Review of your business data needs and access to tools, resources and data to accelerate business growth
  • ‘Insight Workshops’, helping companies to better understand data capture and management, use of sensor technologies, and data commercialisation within their sector
  • Providing data analytics and data visualisation, machine learning, APIs, and IOT services based on your business cases
  • Intensive assistance to develop new innovative products and services including product development and business planning
  • Training and implementation of new technologies and commercialisation opportunities for example in photonics and smart city networks and systems
  • In depth research collaborations for business innovation and development
  • Innovation challenges in key sectors of health and mobility
  • Design to enable experimentation with data and provide resources for new product development

Is there a charge for using Big Data Corridor?

The Big Data Corridor project is free to participate in, as long as you are an SME located within the GBSLEP region.

To access trusted advice and learn how to harness the power of data driven innovation within your business…

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