Enterprise for Success Workshops

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As your business develops it’s not uncommon to encounter new obstacles that get in the way of achieving your objectives. Many SMEs experience challenges in the way to reaching their growth potential. That’s why, in collaboration with the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership we’ve created the ‘Enterprise for Success’ SME programme that works with businesses such as yourself to ensure you’re achieving your growth ambitions.

If you’re an SME looking to expand or build on previous growth but are experience barriers to achieving desired outcomes, Enterprise for Success from Birmingham City University could offer you the guidance and support you need.

How will ‘Enterprise for Success’ benefit my SME?

  1. Identify the growth risks and opportunities specific to your business with our Business Growth Questionnaire  
  2. Receive a personalised Business Analysis Report detailing your results
  3. Receive Business Growth Consultancy with Birmingham City University’s SME Growth Advisors to discuss your Business Analysis Report results and formulate a bespoke growth strategy unique to your business
  4. Attend a 2 day ‘Enterprise for Success’ workshop specifically designed and created in partnership with successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. The workshop will cover a broad area of steps to growth, from strategy development to preparing your product/service for market
  5. Receive on-going support and advice from Birmingham City University's Business Advisors to access growth products, services, funding events and workshops to help you achieve your growth strategy

 Is there a charge for receiving ‘Enterprise for Success’ support?

There is no charge for receiving ‘Enterprise for Success’ support, however SMEs based outside of the GBSLEP region may receive a charge for receiving Business Growth Consultancy detailed in point 3 above.

Would you like to receive SME growth support that addresses your barriers to business success?

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.