Growing You SME Support and Mentoring

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We recognise that SMEs from some regional community groups may experience unique barriers to identifying and accessing the specialised business support they need to achieve their growth potential. That’s why, in partnership with successful business leaders from many of the region’s diverse business communities, we’ve created the Growing You SME support programme.

If you’re an SME looking to expand or achieve growth but experience barriers to finding the specific business support you require, Growing You from Birmingham City University could offer you the guidance and help you need.

How will Growing You benefit my SME?

  1. Attend a series of Growing You business support workshops, created and delivered in partnership with successful business leaders from the diverse business communities of Birmingham and the surrounding areas
  2. Receive support and guidance from a BCU Growing You Business Mentor who has successfully grown a business and has personal experience of overcoming the additional challenges SMEs may face within the region’s diverse business communities
  3. Identify your business growth risks and opportunities with our Business Growth Questionnaire
  4. Receive a personalised Business Analysis Report detailing your results
  5. Receive Business Growth Consultancy with Birmingham City University’s Business Growth Advisers to discuss your Business Analysis Report results and formulate a growth strategy for your SME
  6. Receive on-going support and advice from Birmingham City University's Business Advisers to access growth products, services, funding events and workshops to further help you achieve your growth strategy

Is there a charge for receiving Growing You support?

There is no charge for receiving Growing You support, however SMEs based outside of the GBSLEP region may receive a charge for receiving Business Growth Consultancy detailed in point 5 above.

Would you like to receive SME business growth support from successful business leaders who understand the unique challenges faced by the region’s diverse business communities? 

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.