Growing You Workshops

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Growing You is an inspirational, locally focussed, and unique business growth programme helping you, as an SME from a diverse background, to find ways to overcome barriers to growth, supporting you to develop your business to head towards sustainable success.

‘Growing You’ aims to support you to develop your business and your business skills. We offer four key workshops, each 3 hours in duration and focused on a specific area of business, further supported with one-to-one mentoring from our diverse group of business leaders, providing up to an additional 5 hours of practical business advice and guidance.

Is there a cost to attend?

The programme is aimed at Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) – businesses who are located within the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Region. The programme is part-funded through ERDF funding and is free to eligible SMEs.

Introductory Workshop – Business Review and Mentor Matching Session

The introductory workshop is a mandatory workshop for all participants, participants are all asked to sign up for a further 3 out of 4 workshops. When you are signed up to the Workshops the project team will work with you to match you with an appropriate Mentor to further support your time on the programme.

This introductory session focuses on undertaking a useful business review using our dedicated diagnostic tool to help you better understand where your business currently is, supporting you to challenge what you think are the areas of concern in your business and where the gaps are; it will be a fun session and will enable you to engage with a new network of businesses and mentors, to support you on your journey.

Workshop One - Strategy

Clear vision and strategy are key for growth and survival yet most SMEs do not have a vision or policy from which to guide their business. Instead decisions are taken largely on a reactive basis. Few SMEs enter into collaborative relationships with suppliers or customers or take part in wider networks that can assist growth.

This workshop will help you address these issues by concentrating on doing things right and adding value by defining your vision and strategy and executing them. The workshop will also investigate collaborating and partnering with your value chain.

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Workshop Two - Leadership

A lack of management skills is a key factor limiting growth potential. Government support often overlooks the importance of wider managerial learning and knowledge development. Most owner/managers find it difficult to define in precise terms what the role of a manager entails and very few invest in the development of management and leadership skills.

This workshop highlights the skills and capabilities to overcome these barriers and lead the business to future improvement and growth by supporting participants to becoming transformational leaders, developing your personal skills, that will underpin your capabilities and ability to manage change and transition within your business.

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Workshop Three - People

Growth is associated with engaging employees through formal training and development and good HR practices which involve and appraise employees etc. However there is very little evidence of such development work being undertaken by SMEs. Instead, people- focused individuals recognise the strengths in others and support them to become the best that they can be.

This workshop identifies ways of ensuring processes are in place to support your teams; looking at involving and delegating to staff by defining structures, sharing information and responsibility; highlighting how you can engage others by involving, developing, motivating and rewarding; and how to seek opportunities for sharing learning and knowledge.

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Workshop Four – Process

Evidences shows that most businesses struggle with how to measure and manage performance. Information regarding customers, suppliers, people, competitors, markets, innovation and knowledge is rarely searched for. This often goes hand in hand with a lack of processes, target setting and review of objectives with an over reliance on ‘gut feel’. Process focused individuals recognise the strengths in their current processes and where they need to develop further.

This workshop will focus on supporting you to explore how through the ideas you generate you can ensure your business is continually innovating; making effective and informed decisions based on accurate data; and developing and maximising the capacity of the systems and process you put into place.

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Please note: Workshop 0 is a mandatory workshop for all participants, participants are all asked to sign up for a further 3 out of 4 workshops.

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