Become a Business Mentor

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Why should I become a Business Mentor for local SMEs? 

  • Share your expert business knowledge to help regional entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs from diverse community groups develop 
  • Utilise your community knowledge to influence and encourage local businesses to join the Growing You programme to identify and realise their growth and employability potential 
  • Collaborate with a University that is passionate about delivering equal and fair business growth opportunities for all sectors and diverse community groups across the region 
  • Help increase growth and employability opportunities in the local economy 

Support the region’s diverse business communities

With your help, our Growing You programme aims to can drive business leadership and growth amongst entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs from a diverse array of business sectors and community groups within the GBSLEP region. 

Share your business expertise and community knowledge to drive regional growth

This is your opportunity to share your business expertise and community knowledge to help drive growth amongst the regions diverse business communities. Together we will create and deliver the inspirational, locally focused, and unique business growth programme that the region needs, helping SMEs from all backgrounds and community groups overcome their barriers to growth and sustainable success. If you are an entrepreneur or leader of a business with equality and diversity at its core, we encourage you to help us drive growth and employability in local business communities across the region by joining us to develop and deliver the Growing You programme and/or becoming a Business Mentor to regional SMEs. 

Want to help us transform the regional business community? 

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.