Multi Unit Leadership

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Our multi-unit research and instruction centre will provide your business with leaders trained with the knowledge and experience to lead local sites in multi-site/unit businesses.

Through our Birmingham City University leadership training programme you will develop leaders who understand their market and possess the skills to apply this knowledge, delivering positive revenue for your business and individual employee improvement.

Benefits to your business:

  • Working with a cohort of mentors who have a vast knowledge of experience with well-known multi-site organisations, including Premier Inn, Grosvenor Casinos, Marston’s and Pizza Express
  • Bespoke design processes aimed at helping leaders develop the skills they need to innovate and lead your business
  • Access to a wide range of programmes that expose you to various industry challenges, whether you’re a multi-site organisation or a local leader within a multi-unit business
  • Opportunities to work alongside a community of likeminded leaders, driving your insight, innovation, and ability to identify and address issues on sites
  • The acceleration of the performance development of new area managers through providing analytical frameworks and practical approaches to address inherent tensions in the role
  • Access to the latest information and research into relevant, key topics.  

What options are available?

Our open programme solution gives you the opportunity to achieve a postgraduate diploma: a one-year programme that builds on you or your delegate’s experience by providing concepts, models and industry insights. This will develop critical thinking and practical management skills.

The one-year Master’s programme enables individual delegates to research a work-based topic in depth culminating in the development of a thesis recommending action backed up by systematic data collection and analysis.

If you are a site manager on a multi-site organisation, our one-year foundation degrees in merchanting will help broaden and deepen knowledge, improving performance, reducing risk and recognising the disparate nature of multi-site organisations.

To discover how a Multi-unit leadership course can provide your business with the leaderships knowledge and skills to succeed:

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