SME Growth Service

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Would you like to measure the business performance of your SME, identify its growth potential and receive support to help you achieve your business goals? You can with Birmingham City University's SME Growth Service.

How will it benefit my business?

  • Understand your SME’s specific challenges and opportunities to achieving growth
  • Work with a specialist team of Birmingham City University Business Advisers to define your business growth strategy.
  • Gain access to business growth support and funding opportunities to help your SME realise its growth potential

How does the service work?

There are 5 steps that offer you a minimum of three hours SME Growth Support:

  1. Enquire about our SME Growth Service. A member of the SME Growth Service team will then contact you to find out a bit more about your business and provide you with a link to our Business Growth Questionnaire
  2. Complete our Business Growth Questionnaire. This should take around 20-30 minutes. The more detail you share about your SME, the more insightful and valuable your results and recommendations will be.
  3. Receive a Personalised Business Analysis Report based on your answers
  4. Receive business growth consultancy with Birmingham City University’s SME Growth Advisers to discuss your report results and formulate a growth strategy for your SME
  5. Receive on-going support and advice from Birmingham City University's Business Advisers to access products, services, funding events and workshops to help you achieve your growth strategy.

Is there a charge for using the Service?

There is no charge for using the service, however SMEs based outside of the GBSLEP region may receive a charge for consultancy in step 3.

In partnership with GBSLEP Growth Hub

The SME Growth Service from Birmingham City University is developed in partnership with GBSLEP Growth Hub. The SME Growth Service will give you access to Birmingham City University Business Specialists, Analysts and Advisers who will work with you to identify your SME’s growth opportunities, build your business growth strategy and offer advice and support to help you achieve your business growth goals.

To identify your SME’s growth potential and receive help and support to achieve your growth goals…

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.