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STEAMhouse encourages open innovation by giving you access to makerspace full of state-of-the-art technology, alongside advice and support from practical and research based experts, access to funding opportunities and the chance for co-working and collaboration with like-minded peers from different areas of industry. Our hack-style STEAMlabs are perfect if you’re a creative, entrepreneur or existing SME looking to get your idea off the ground or innovate for growth.

What is a STEAMlab?

A STEAMlab is a hack-style event in which we bring regional SMEs and creatives together to collaborate and work together to find a solution to a real problem faced by another business. Businesses presenting their problems come from a diverse range of sectors, recently including the NHS – but we want people from all different areas of industry to get involved!

Why? We believe that by working with peers from different industries, with different skillsets, we will be able to combine our knowledge and expertise to develop a solution to the problem – or as the old saying goes “two heads are better than one.”

STEAMlabs are high-energy, creative and collaborative events, with the opportunity for new solutions to be fast-tracked and/or funded for the next stage of development!

Why attend our STEAMlabs?

  • Selected teams can gain access to support and funding to turn your ideas into solutions
  • Discover new ways of thinking which can be applied to your business
  • Make new connections with a variety of local professionals, creatives, SMEs and more
  • Be inspired to innovate and take your business to the next level

Do you want to find out more?

Discover how we can help you drive business growth.