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Curzon Street Studios is a large media production facility in central Birmingham, opened in 2013, and housing four TV studios, six radio studios and several large photography studios.

Curzon Street Studios offers both dry and wet hire, for both big and small productions, and forms part of Birmingham City University.

The facility's HD, digital studios include broadcast-quality, industry standard equipment.

Central Birmingham location

Located in the heart of Birmingham’s Eastside, 15 minutes walk from Birmingham New Street, with parking located to the rear, the studios provide easy access space for any production.

The studios are serviced by an on-site catering team and there is specialist access for vans and equipment, with easy access to studio floors.

TV Studios

Curzon Street Studios has a number of world-class TV studios suitable for shooting commercials, films and video productions, both big and small, including one with a giant green screen. 

Digital Radio Studios

Curzon Street Studios boasts six digital radio studios.

All studios have been acoustically designed to provide ideal recording environments for both live and pre-recorded audio production and are fully soundproofed. A comfortable reception lounge just outside the studios provides an ideal space for meeting and briefing guests and talent. 

Industry-standard Post Production Facilities

Our post production system has been designed to enable content to be produced, managed and distributed digitally.

We offer a custom built central technical area that allows seamless interaction between all our studios and edit suites.

The whole storage system is designed to support HD (High Definition) 1920 x 1080 50i (interlaced) or 25PSF (progressive). This enables the Mediahouse to record multi camera material from an HD Studio onto the Editshare storage and then edit this material seamlessly.

All file based media can be imported onto the server for use in either an edit or to be played into a studio recording. All the suites are digitally connected to the latest Editshare system. You can find out more here.

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